Monday, November 10, 2008

I Have a Lot to Do

I’ve been feeling vaguely guilty about all the projects that I have started and not finished in all my different crafty pursuits. I went so far as to make a list this morning. Oh. My. Gosh.

Then there are all the things that I really, really, want to start! I started making a list….

I’m going to take some advice I got this weekend. I can’t remember which friend told me about her friend that has a rule that she has to finish two things on the UFO list before starting another one. I had been rashly considering not starting anything until my unfinished object list was worked way down. But I think I can do the two out one in thing. Yes, I know that the Compadre is reading this and he’ll be sure to try to keep my in line. Good luck, Compadre!

So here is one completed object. It’s a red scarf for the Red Scarf Project. Made out of Merino 5 by Crystal Palace Yarns. The pattern is the Cartridge Belt Rib from Barbara Walker’s 2nd Treasury of Knitting Patterns on page 21, a mindless reversible pattern perfect for scarves. It’s soft and squishy and I hope the former foster kid/now college student that gets it will love it as much as I do. My mother in law’s rule about gifts is that the best gifts are the ones you want to keep yourself – and this one I do want to keep, but give it I will. The red scarf project has extended their deadline until December 15 so I should have enough time to finish another. This is a UFO that has been on the needles since last year when I started it for the same cause- and didn’t finish in time. This one is the same pattern but I’m knitting it in sport weight yarn so it will be many more stitches before it’s done.

I’m also working on another scarf (must be a scarf phase of the moon right?). This one is for my sister. She commissioned this one a long time ago – last winter some time when we were at a yarn store together. She doesn’t knit. Hmmm, Mary, maybe you should learn some day. Anyway, this is a fun pattern to knit. It’s a free pattern that I got at Stitches with Style in Delaware called, “Not a Celebrity Scarf”, and it is really the same as the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf but with K2 tog’s instead of SSK’s. I’m using Universal Yarn’s Classic Worsted LP. I’m loving it – it’s a fast knit because you just want to get to the next triangle and then when you do you have to start it and so on… Looks cool in a long stripe like this yarn is too.

So it’s a race – which scarf will be done first! And will I start any more projects before I finish. Stay tuned!

And here is a picture of Abigail in her Halloween outfit, just because I'm her Grandma and I think she's sooo cute.


Kayla said...

It isn't just that you are her Grandma - Abigail is really a beauty! Those eyes and eye lashes are to die for!
You have every right to be a proud Grandma. Keep those pictures coming because I, for one, love to see them.

Compadre said...

Betcha can't make it to Christmas on the two for one. Heck, I bet you can't make it to Thanksgiving.

ruth said...

I'm still alive, think about you often and have no idea how I managed to have a life AND a job before. Knitting-what's that?! I used to live by to do lists and now they just depress me.

I'm posting this from my new iPod touch - am actually able to stay a tiny bit connected more thru this gadget than my PC since this is so portable and accessible. Hope all is well and you get thru your list. And don't forget about our punch needle date some day! Say hi to DE folks for me!