Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let's Talk About UFO's

Or also known as unfinished objects. Actually I’d rather not but ever since I mentioned the possibility of me working my pile of them down, the Compadre has been cackling with glee! He’s been trying to interpret my rash statements in his own way for his own purposes. He of course doesn’t see any reason to start another project when you haven’t finished the one you are working on. He just doesn’t understand at all. So let it be known that I have been getting things done – you’ve seen that in my previous posts and also let it be known that since that last rash statement everything that I’ve started I’ve finished. And I’ve resurrected a very old sweater project and am making progress on it. But I reserve the right to make my own rules. That means that when I’m working on a big, long term project, I can start something else – a girl has to stay sane you know. I made a list of as many UFO’s as I could remember (and I have kept running across more since then) and the number is awesome. And some of them are unfinished quilts!!

So, here are some more knits that I finished for Christmas. I actually made three of these Bulky Cable scarves. They are so cool – you can tuck one end through the “hole” that’s made by the cable crossing and then the scarf stays on. And made with bulky alpaca and merino yarn they are so warm. I hope the nieces like them and that they keep them warm on the cold treks between classes. This pattern is one that I got with a kit that I bought from Bella Lana, a yarn store that was demonstrating at the Knitter’s Guild. I don’t know if the pattern is available elsewhere but it’s just an easy braided cable done with bulky yarn on size 17 needles. Fun and fast. Oh, and the third of these scarves – it’s mine and it's done.


Miss T said...

Love those scarves!

CiD said...

Cool Scarves. I've learned never to make blanket statements about UFO's anywhere near my husband. In the past I have lived to rue the day!