Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hemlock Happiness

I'm loving this project! It's lace knitting but with big yarn and big needles and I can see what I'm doing. And now that I'm on the feather and fan part there are 4 rows of mindless knitting in between the pattern rows. I can't wait until it's done and I can block it. Right now it looks kind of blob like but blocking is the magic. Hemlock Ring Afghan in Cascade Ecological Wool. I'm doing it just like the pattern - no modifications! I'm planning on making it as big as the two skeins of yarn allow me to. Happy knitting!


QoE said...

But you were worried about Round 35. Was it fixed in the pattern or did you figure it out?
Cathy in Maple Grove

andrea said...

That's REALLY pretty! I can't wait to see it in its entirety.

Miss T said...

It's even more beautiful in person!