Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shepherd's Harvest

My, time flies when you're having fun! It's been a while since I posted. With Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival, Mother's Day, my birthday, and teaching I've been very busy.

Saturday, I went with my friend Betty to Shepherd's Harvest and we had a wonderful time. I think that I've finally gotten to the point where I know that my stash is adequate and I really didn't buy all that much. (Compadre, I reserve the right to change my mind!) I did look at a lot of spinning wheels because I've decided that my Ashford Traditional is going to be replaced. I bought it used and it has a slightly warped wheel and it is frustrating to spin on. I will keep my Babe for a traveling wheel and so I'm looking for a nice, versatile, beautiful, easy to spin on wheel to use at home. I might have found it in the Majacraft Rose that I tried. A trip to Detta's Spindle is in my future. Detta has the best selection of wheels I've ever seen and she is a fount of knowledge about them. I'm sure that I'll find something that I like there. Oh, and I'm going to give my Ashford to my daughter Amy. I'm sure she'll be able to figure out how to fix it and make it work - after all she's an engineer!

Here is what I bought. The shuttle and book were from the Mielke's Farm booth and the pattern from the Earth Heart Designs booth. Betty and I did the rational thing and looked at everything first and then went back for the things that we remembered and still wanted. Remembering them was important - if you don't remember that you wanted something then you didn't really want it that badly did you!

And here's the animal photos. Cute lambs, lhama's, alpaca's. I didn't get the young man's name that posed with his animal but when we asked how much it would cost he asked his Dad and the answer was 300 - 600.

And get a load of this Merino sheep. He has so much wool it looks like he(or she) can't even move!

My birthday was on Mother's Day this year and so it made for a celebration packed day! I had fun and was treated with lot's of special love. My daughter Anita found a list of restaurants that give you something free on your birthday. We went to Romano's Macaroni Grill and had a wonderful meal and I shared my free piece of chocolate cake with everyone. Mmmmm.


Miss T said...

That's always my policy--don't buy it unless it calls you back! You know, unless it won't let you leave in the first place. Then buy it immediately.

Compadre said...

My take is, once the Lunch Lady wants to buy it, resistance is futile.