Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Knitting in Public

I knit in public a lot. I have my "sock in progress" in my purse almost all the time. It never fails - if I forget to bring it, I'll have a period of time that I could have put to good use knitting. The sock has been in progress for a long time - months really - but look at all the sock that was produced during "found" time. This is yarn that my daughter Anita gave me 2 years ago for Mother's Day. I let it marinate in the stash for about a year and a half and now it accompanies me everywhere. I pull it out at doctor's and dentist's offices, while waiting for my Mom when I've driven her somewhere, I pull it out anywhere and anytime I have a minute. I do also bring a little tin of tatting with me also and I pull that out sometime too. Found, productive time - it's a good thing. Oh, and the pattern for the sock? It's a composite of several patterns that I've combined to make my own favorite sock pattern. I love that garter stitch short row heel.

Saturday Kelly of Double Ewe sponsored a gathering for World Wide Knit in Public Day. It was a blast sitting out in the beautiful summer day as a group. There were treats, there were prizes, there was admiration of other's knitting and there was just plain camaraderie among people with an interest in common. We were lined up in front of the Driver's license renewal office (it was closed) and I did see a few very confused guys walk up and look at all of us before figuring out that it was closed.

I had to leave early and got a call later that day that I had won a prize! Kelly had donated a bag of 8 balls of Crystal Palace Yarns Merino Stripes and I won it! It's enough for an afghan but I'm thinking of making a Feather and Fan Shawl with it. It should be wonderfully warm this winter. Thanks Kelly!!


Miss 376 said...

What a lovely prize. I think people are getting used to me and my mad ways-I always have a book, stitching or knitting with me to do while I'm waiting for buses, travelling or waiting for my boys to do their activities. Get so much accomplished that way

Miss T said...

Congrats on the great prize!

That's a classic photo of the day--Francis carrying a huge pile of chairs, everyone knitting.

Kayla said...

I would still like to know the name and colorway of that sock yarn. It's a very nice color and the yarn itself just feels so good.

Congrats on winning the big prize of the day. It was fun just to be around knitters all afternoon - it was just a very nice day.