Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Catching Up

Well, I really didn’t intend to take more than a week off of blogging but it seems once you start skipping days that it gets to be a habit. So, what are some of the things that happened in my life in one week? Let’s see:

It seems that Abigail is growing by leaps and bounds as babies will do and so in order to preserve her modesty (Amy said her crack was showing!!) I went into high gear in diaper sewing. I sent off a package to Maryland that had my old spinning wheel and all its accessories, fiber, spinning books, 14 diapers, and 3 diaper covers. I had the package packed and shipped professionally by the UPS Store. For a price – I might add – but I consider it well worth it to make sure the spinning wheel gets there in one piece. Anyway, the diapers are made to resemble disposable diapers in that they are fitted and have elastic around the legs and in the front and back. I’m guessing that each diaper takes about an hour to make so that’s a lot of sewing. And then there are the absorbent inserts that go in each one. They are separate so that when they are washed they dry faster. My son John helped me get the last ones done so that I could make a self imposed deadline of Monday. Amy and Eric (and Abigail) should have the package on Thursday.

I’ve been trying to walk as much as possible. My knees are reminding me that they are there but I have decided that I’ll just take ibuprofen and walk anyway.

Some good friends of ours were in the path of the Hugo tornado on May 25. I wish we could do more to help them. Their house is still standing but

has extensive damage – so much so that they won’t be able to live in their house for the 3 to 4 months it will take to repair. They were lucky though because the houses across the street from them are totally gone.

The Compadre works with a man that got locked out of his house during the tornado and survived by hanging onto the post by his front door while the rest of the house blew away. You can see the front door where he was in the next picture. As he says, he doesn’t know why he survived. I’m thinking that I’ll be much more inclined to go into the basement when the sirens blow now.

Yesterday I did something expensive and totally out of character for me. It kind of scares me. I’ll tell you about it in my next post. Oh, and it takes practice – and I need a lot more. Any guesses? And if I’ve already told you, no fair guessing!


Miss T said...

Very scary photos!

Kayla said...

I can't even see a post by the door that he could have held on to - he is one lucky man!