Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Contest

The Compadre and I will celebrate 33 years of marriage very soon now. We’ve been discussing what we should do to celebrate and are having a hard time deciding. So I’ve decided to put it to you, my loyal blog readers. We need suggestions. We don’t have unlimited funds but it doesn’t need to be free either. The Compadre doesn’t have any vacation time to spare so it needs to be either a weekend thing or an evening thing. We live in Minnesota in the Twin Cities area. Leave me a comment to this blog (a shameless way to get more comments – all bloggers live for comments!) with your suggestion. I’ll draw a name from the responses and there will be a fabulous prize! I’ll either give a skein of Schaefer Anne yarn or a $25 gift certificate to Target depending on whether the prize winner is a knitter or not. Now, in order for this to work I’ll need to contact the winner. Blogger doesn’t give me e-mail addresses of commenters so when I draw the name I’ll ask the winner to contact me with their info. I’m looking forward to lots of ideas and comments!


Anonymous said...

I know! I know! How about an evening at a lovely B&B, say, in Stillwater or even a bit further south, in lovely Lanesboro, accompanied by nice food and gorgeous scenery?

MNLacer said...

Happy anniversary soon!

How about the Jeffers Petroglyphs in southwestern Minnesota? There was an interesting blurb about this site in a recent Pioneer Press special edition, It sounds fascinating and I imagine you can find a nice place to stay and eat while in the area....

Or not so far, have you travelled on the Minnesota Zephyr yet,

The Covington Inn, a floating B&B in St. Paul,

More choices can be found here:


indigorose said...

I like the idea of a floating B&B that mnlacer had. I was going to suggest a Mississippi riverboat cruise. You could also do a scenic hot air balloon ride.

Compadre said...

Great ideas so far and all on the right scale. We've stayed at the Jailhouse B&B in Preston, but never in Lanesboro. A specific recommendation would be nice. Floating B&B sounds fun. I had already thought about a day cruise on the Minnesota or St. Croix Rivers, or renting a house boat on Lake Pepin. Upgrading to a B&B or a Mississippi cruise could be fun. Not sure I could get the Lunch Lady up in a balloon.

Looking forward to more ideas. The more romantic the better. We've already done the rotating restaurant on the riverfront in downtown St. Paul.

Anita said...

Here's Dave's suggestion:
Think of an event(s) that was special to you in the past and go back to where that was and revisit. This could take to all kinds of neat places.

My suggestion:
Dave and I had fun once riding the train to downtown minneapolis and eating at a nice restaurant and then taking the train back. You could catch the train at Fort Snelling. Downtown you could have dinner and maybe catch a show at the guthrie.

Miss T said...

What about a night in one of the newer downtown hotels, followed by breakfast out and a trip to an art museum?

Kayla said...

I like the Lanesboro idea but don't forget to go over to Harmony, MN. You can hire a guide to ride with you as you tour the Amish community with stops at some of the homes that are open to sell produce, jams,etc., baked goods or baskets. It's a great tour. Then you have to stop at the Harmony Caves. In the cave is a lovely chapel among the stalagtites and stalagmites (sp). You could say a quick personal renewal of your wedding vows or just some "I love you because...." and then be sure to stop in the area called Kissing Rock for a romantic kiss or cuddle. You would have to stop by the gift shop for a little kitschy remembrance of the day.

Whatever you do, congratulations and how wonderful is it that you have spent 33 years together. Hope you have many many more years.