Friday, August 22, 2008

An Interview With the Compadre

I have several blog posts running around in my mind but I never seem to get them written down. Need more discipline! Or else I need to write them in pieces when I think of things. In the interests of actually getting something posted I give you an interview with the Compadre that I did several days ago. Many of the blogs that I read have done something similar – this isn’t an original idea! Here goes!

Me: What’s your favorite thing about my knitting?

Compadre: The social network that it ties you into.

Me: What’s your least favorite thing about my knitting?

Compadre: Sometimes it takes over your life.

Me: What is your favorite thing that I’ve knitted?

Compadre: Is that baby blanket that you made crocheted or knit?

Me: It was knit.

Compadre: Then that’s it.

Me: Do you think knitters have an expensive hobby?

Compadre: Yes, well, yes. Keep in mind I don’t own a boat.

Me: Do you think my knitting is on the expensive end?

Compadre: No.

Me: Do you have any hobbies?

Compadre: Yes. Oh, you wanted elaboration? I’m a guy, come on.

Me: That’s all I get?

Compadre: Yeah.

Me: Do you have a “stash”?

Compadre: Well, I have books. I have papers from teaching, sample dialogs, grammar lessons. That’s a stash.

Me: Has my knitting in public ever embarrassed you?

Compadre: No.

Me: Do you know my favorite kind of yarn?

Compadre: No, I don’t remember.

Me: Can you name other knitting blogs I read?

Compadre: Yarn Harlot, Crazy Aunt Purl, and Miss T .

Me: Do you mind that I want to check out yarn stores everywhere I go?

Compadre: Sometimes. I get shopped out, tired of driving around.

Me: Do you understand the importance of a swatch?

Compadre: It helps you know your gauge. Do you use it to test if it’s colorfast or not?

Me: Do you read After Lunch?

Compadre: Yes I do. I get restless when you don’t update it. Your public demands frequent posts!

Me: Have you ever left a comment?

Compadre: Yes.

Me: Do you like my blogging?

Compadre: Yes, it’s kind of fun.

Me: Do you think the house would be cleaner if I didn’t knit?

Compadre: No, you’d just be doing something else instead.

Me: Do you have anything you’d like to add?

Compadre: I think the lunch lady is cute.

Me: Do you have anything that else, to say. (Blush)

Compadre: Nah.

Me: Thanks for your input.

Compadre: (Silence as he plays his computer game – did he even hear me?)

I will explain that the Compadre does have “hobbies”. He has taught, as a volunteer, for many years. This explains all the papers and lesson plans that are piled around. He also is a very avid bicyclist and he used to run a lot until his knee started bothering him and he had to scale back. But he is a very frugal guy and his expenditures cannot even begin to compare to mine in the hobby department. He rode the same bike for so many years that we (I) worried that it might fall apart! And one pair of $100 dollar running shoes per year? Ha! How much yarn would that buy? He’s the best husband ever and he (mostly) graciously tolerates my many pursuits. I love that guy!! In a few weeks we'll have been happily married 33 years!


Miss T said...

This is the best one of these interviews yet. :o)

Eric said...

How interesting... the Compadre and I have similar attributes. Great interview! Maybe the Compadre will start his own blog some day?