Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pretty Flowers

Last week we took my Mom to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum for her 85th birthday. She was just thrilled. We ate lunch at the Arboretum and had dinner at a nice restaurant nearby. If I lived closer to the Arboretum I would join it in a minute! Can you imagine being able to get my exercise by walking the trails among all these beautiful flowers!! I think that I might actually stick with an exercise plan if I could.

I composed these flower pictures so that you could use them as a desktop background it you want. I love the closeup feature on my camera!


QoE said...

Gotta love the Arboretum! My son is getting married there in October. Cross your fingers for nice weather.

Miss T said...

Beautiful! I wish I lived closer to the Arboretum, too.

MNLacer said...

I have yet to visit this place. I do want to. I keep hearing wonderful things about it!