Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finishing Things

I’ve been knitting. Yes, and I’ve been finishing things too. I can show you some of my knitting but not all of it. I know that my nephew reads this blog – hi Peter! Maybe my nieces read it too? Anyway now they know they’re getting knitted gifts. Of course that’s if I actually finish them!

I can show you the finished red scarf that I sent off yesterday.

And I can show you the tatted earrings that I was going to exchange at the Minnesota Lace Society Christmas meeting but I chickened out because of a snowstorm. Yeah, I know I’m a Minnesotan but sometimes a little discretion is good. Anyway, these are sort of an original pattern. I started with a Snowgoose pattern and added more beads, and then had to alter the stitch count because of the beads. It’s an easy enough pattern – you could probably figure it out from the picture – if you tat that is! I don’t know if I’ve altered it enough to put the pattern here without getting in copyright trouble.

I haven’t started on the baking and the decorations are not up but there is Christmas music on the ipod and I’m still enjoying the season and haven’t panicked yet.

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Miss T said...

Beautiful work on both projects!