Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The First Knit of Christmas

I sort of put my finishing resolution on hold during the holiday knitting frenzy. It was funny, Miss T asked me if I had any knitting I was doing for Christmas and at the time I said oh, not much, just a hat. That was fatal. I then proceeded to decide to start several more gifts. But I have to say that I did finish all the knitted gifts. The last time I said that I had finished all my gifts the Compadre took issue with me. He did get an IOU for a bathrobe that I’ll sew for him. But hey, that’s not knitting, it’s sewing. So I’m OK. Well, I’m always OK but you know….

So the first thing I did was to re-appropriate the multi directional scarf into a gift. My sister had asked me to make it for her way last February I think and I decided to give it to her for Christmas even though technically we don’t exchange gifts. We do occasionally and this was one. So there.

As I said earlier this was a really fun scarf pattern to knit. And it went fast because there was always another interesting color to start and another triangle to finish and then start and…. The pattern I used wasn’t really the multi directional scarf pattern – I had gotten a free pattern at Amy’s yarn store (no she doesn’t own it, she just spends a lot of time there, just like I do at Double Ewe) but that pattern is so similar to the multi directional scarf that the only difference I could see is that it uses the knit 2 tog decrease instead of SSK. My sister liked it and so I proved that I do sometimes come through on promises to make something. Now I just have oh, about 4 more promises to come through on. You’d think that with all my copious time now that I’m retired and don’t have anything to do that I would get these things done. Hmm, I’ll try harder this year – how’s that for a resolution.

So, I’m going to drag out this Christmas knitting reveal over several posts because then of course I’ll have more to post about. And as far as the finishing of UFO’s I don’t know where I stand. I think I’ll re-resolve to finish as many unfinished items this year as I can. I don’t know if it’s realistic to finish two before starting one. My list contains many very large projects and I’m a short project kind of person. Maybe that’s a clue as to why there are so many unfinished things hanging out around here. So I think that in order for me to stay on task I’ll need to intersperse the large project finishing with some short project success. How’s that for rationalization!

So today my list includes starting that bathrobe that I promised the Compadre I’d make for him. And I’ve got a hat I want to start and a scarf and I want to start to sew some napkins and a cool tatted snowflake I want to make….. What! You don’t believe I’ll ever tackle anything on the UFO list – just you watch. I will – someday.

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Miss T said...

Maybe next year I shouldn't ask you about Christmas knitting! :o)