Thursday, July 23, 2009

Busy times here

Yes, we've gone on vacation, but we're back now. As soon as we got back we had our windows replaced in our house - which of course meant that a lot of stuff had to be moved because I have so much crafty stuff in this house and a lot of it lives in front of the windows. That means of course that it all has to be moved back. And last but not least we're getting ready for the wedding of our youngest son. So, in honor of the approaching wedding I thought you'd all like to see this video. Looks like it was a fun wedding!


MNLacer said...

Welcome home!!!

Wow to that wedding clip. I can't imagine how much time they spent getting ready for that! Since they danced their way in to the wedding, what was the procession afterwards like??

John said...

You may enjoy this one. I'm not sure where I originally saw it. Maybe you showed it to me. If you've already seen, disregard: