Monday, December 24, 2007

Do you think I can get 10 placemats done by Christmas?

That's the question I asked Lowell last night. They were not even started. One evening and a day before Christmas. I always get these delusions about how much I can accomplish in the time I have. I did look for and find fabric and wash it last night. But this morning the reality became clear. We've both been working steadily to get ready for the first of our Christmas celebrations tonight (Christmas Eve) and the possibility of making placemats - let alone 10 of them is very remote.

But I did get the wool soaker finished,
I made 2 Korknisse,
puff corn caramel corn, and fudge. This morning I got up early and put the chicken wings in the slow cooker, and finished the scarf for Eric. The scarf was made on my circular sock machine. Even though the bulk of it is machine made there is a lot hand work to do. I had never made a scarf on the CSM before and I was surprised at how long it took. It turned out great I think. Packer colors and the stripes in the Fibonacci sequence, for an engineer who likes the Packers.

Appropriate no?

I spent a lot of time getting the scarf finished and the package ready to send. Then I assigned Lowell to take it to the post office. He got there at 2:00 and the post office closed at 12:00 on Christmas Eve. Yes I knew that it wouldn't get there by Christmas but at least it would have been in the mail before Christmas. I could have made placemats!

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