Thursday, December 27, 2007

We're a close knit group

I knit and sometimes tat at the open knitting times at Double Ewe knitting shop. (Thanks Kelly for mentioning my blog on your blog!) Last night was Tuesday knitting night on Wednesday. I mentioned to my relatives on Christmas that I was going to go to my Tuesday night knitting group on Wednesday because the group couldn't imagine missing knitting night for two times due to the holidays. Kelly graciously agreed that we could meet on the Wednesdays after Christmas and New Year's Day. Anyway my relatives couldn't understand why it was so important to meet with my knitting peeps but my dear husband got it right when he said "they're a close knit group" You can groan now.

I was there last night and started the Tulip baby cardigan for the second time. Knitting at Double Ewe is a blast but sometimes it's not conducive to actually knitting. We laugh and chat and sometimes eat and knit and fix problems and ask questions and shop... The first time I started the Tulip cardigan I started it at knitting night and I got quite a bit done. It did worry me that the knitting looked a little loose - I even mentioned it to Kelly and we both looked at it and decided that it would be OK. BTW, why do a gauge swatch - just live dangerously! Got home, went to bed, looked at it the next morning and decided that I couldn't live with how loosely I was knitting. I gave up and decided I would have to do a gauge swatch and it was then that I figured out I was knitting with needles two sizes too big. 9 instead of 7. Big difference. But I sure have fun at knitting night and Friday afternoon too. Just remember to never start a project at open knitting - you'll be having too much fun. Oh, and as far as I can tell, the second start of Tulip is OK. Holding my breath that I don't find something else wrong.

This is how much knitting I got done last night. I'm going to spend the rest of the day knitting this sweater. My first grandchild will be born any day now and I have so many other little baby things to knit for her - have to get knitting. Babies grow fast.


andrea said...

Nice blog, Ann! And nice start to your Tulip baby sweater.

I know what you mean about knit night not necessarily being conducive to actually knitting. My Calorimetry was a disaster, as you so diplomatically tried to point out.

It was nice meeting you the other day!

Jeanice said...

Hey Ann,

Congrats on the retirement-I am hoping to be able to attend Friday afternoon at Double Ewe soon--I have missed our little group. That's a great name for your blog.
See you soon-I need some tatting tutorage.