Sunday, December 23, 2007

First Day of Retirement

Who would have thought that I'd be feeling blue on the first day of retirement. I guess it's because it wasn't entirely my choice to retire. After more that 17 years of being a manager in food service and several more as just a worker bee my knees have said enough already. So I've started a new phase of my life. Actually I'm sure that I won't be bored. If there is a craft that I haven't heard of I'm sure that I would like to try it. Mostly right now I knit and tat with some china painting and paper crafting thrown in. Oh, and did I mention quilting and sewing and.....

So this blog will be a journal of my retired life I suppose. I've been thinking of starting one for a long time. I read a lot of blogs and like to write. Seems like a great forum for my creativity.

On the first day of retirement I:
Finished decorating for Christmas
Went to a George Winston Concert
Knit on the soaker that I'm making for my future granddaughter
Did some decluttering of living room
Cleaned up my "nest"
And some other necessary personal tasks

I've decided that in order to keep focused and not just fritter my time away I need to be accountable about what I do with my time. I'm a list maker and have sporadically kept a notebook with daily lists of what I want to accomplish every day. It gives me great satisfaction to cross off items. So I hope to keep this notebook of daily lists regularly. I'll let you know what I accomplish!

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