Friday, October 10, 2008

Re entry

I’ve been pondering a blog post in my mind for a few days. Of course pondering it doesn’t get it written. I came back from my vacation out east with an intestinal bug. That started me sitting in the easy chair reading books. Then I listened to the news and watched a little of the presidential debate. I continued to sit in my easy chair and enjoy the escape of reading one western romance after another. Nothing like wranglers and outlaws and rustlers to dim the reality of economic disaster and the feeling that whichever yayhoo that we elect has less idea than I do of what to do about it. Oh, that’s right – I’m in denial. Forget I said that. But I thought of an analogy. Back when I was in management I occasionally had the job of hiring someone. So I’m imagining that I’m hiring a new president of our country and the debate was the interview. Wait – don’t we have any more applicants to interview?? You mean I have to pick one of those two? Better start saying our prayers because all we have to rely on is the Lord.

By the way if you’re into romance books, Jodi Thomas writes a well crafted one. No drivel here. I’ve been working my way through all that the library has to offer that she’s written. Either you are in wild west Texas or in modern Texas. Either way there are plenty of evildoers to keep the pages turning until true love wins out. Pure escapism. I really do read heavier stuff sometimes but this just seems to be filling the need right now :-)

To distract you further. Here are some cute baby pictures.

We stayed with RyKy on the way out and let me tell you I have great respect for mothers of twins. These two were perpetual motion machines and this is the best picture I got - I just wasn't fast enough!

We stayed with baby boy parrott on the way back but I was a bad blogger and didn't remember to take any pictures. Maybe my sister will send me some?

And of course pictures of the cutest grandbaby in the world!! She's 9 months old now and crawling all over and pulling herself up on anything she can reach. We stayed with Amy and Abigail for a week in a timeshare in the Poconos. We saw Eric for only a few days but it was so nice to spend time with them. My sister graciously did all the driving and shared her timeshare with us.

Amy bought her this hat and she actually left it on her head!
How cute huh?

This video is of Abigail "dancing" to the sound that her toy makes.

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