Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scooter Days are Numbered

I rode my scooter to Double Ewe today to drop off Felted Rudy so he could entice more people to sign up for the class I’m teaching. 50 degrees when I went there and 52 when I got home. Brrr. Now that wouldn’t be a problem if I was bicycling but when I’m just sitting and letting the scooter do all the work – well it gets pretty cold with that 50 degree wind in your face. Soon it’ll be time to store the scooter for the winter. Sigh. I’ve always liked spring the best. Fall always seems like everything is dying and winter is just around the corner. Now that I don’t have a school year job I thought that Fall would be no problem. Not. Don’t get me wrong. I love Minnesota and I’ll find joy in the winter but gosh – summer could have stayed around a little longer.

One of life’s little pleasures is new socks. Hand cranked new socks. I made these last Saturday when I demonstrated at the 5R Alpaca farm. It’s a good thing that I get together with other people and use my CSM (Circular Sock Machine) because I never seem to get around to it at home. You’d think that with all the sock yarn that I’ve accumulated that I would be cranking all the time! And you’d think that I would have used some of that stash to make these socks wouldn’t you. Oh, no. I “needed” alpaca sock yarn to make socks at a demo on an alpaca farm and since I couldn’t remember (or count on finding) if I had alpaca sock yarn already I had to buy some new. One good thing – they never made it to the stash – here they are as socks and good warm ones too. They kept my feet warm during that cold scooter ride.

Too bad the rest of me didn’t stay warm too! Might have to invest in some wind pants. I did really enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and a warm bath when I got home, both things that you just don’t do in the summer. I guess Fall and Winter will be all right.

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Miss T said...

Too bad you can't make a whole head to toe scooter suit on that sock machine! :o)