Friday, May 8, 2009

Ketchup and Diet Coke

I'm sure that our knitting group is like most others and many topics come up for discussion when we get together. A few weeks ago some of our group (I'm looking at you Miss T) were totally grossed out and appalled when this "recipe" was discussed. Apparently it's a Weight Watchers idea and several of the group vouched for its tastyness. I decided what the heck, I'll try it. So I mixed 12 oz. of diet Coke and 1 cup of ketchup together and poured it over chicken breasts and boiled it all until the sauce was of BBQ sauce consistancy and then....we ate it! The Compadre pronounced it good and he saved the leftover sauce - he wants me to make it again!! I think that my homemade BBQ sauce is better but this is sure easier. I wonder if the diet Coke makes all the calories go away?


katmcab said...

I was at the same get together that brought up this recipe, I tried it the next day and was surprised at how good it was, it was quite tasty and the chicken tender. We will be making this again. Although I am thinking to try it in the crock pot next time, so I don't have to be home while it simmers.

MNLacer said...

This is odd! I'm glad you enjoyed the resulting meal though. From other recipes that use soda, most/all caution against using diet soda because the aspartame (NutraSweet)gets nasty when heated.

Miss T said...

This from somebody who doesn't like okra! :o)