Friday, May 15, 2009

Spinning with a Bunny

I told the group at knitting this afternoon about this and they wanted me to post this picture that I took at the Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival . It was really a cool thing to see. The bundle of fur in her lap is an angora bunny and she's just spinning directly from the it! The bunny was happy to oblige. Oh, and I asked, his name is Spot. This was the only picture I took at Shepherd's Harvest - I remembered my camera just as we were leaving. Camnesia - forgetting that you have a camera and should be taking pictures!


Miss T said...

My version of Camnesia is not bringing the camera at all. :o) Good photo!

katmcab said...

Cool, thanks for posting the pic. :-)

MNLacer said...

Spot was quite cooperative! For those still having trouble seeing a rabbit there, his nose is tucked into the spinner's elbow. His nose, eye, and ear are black and his eye is closed, ignoring the gawkers!