Friday, January 11, 2008

Heading Out

Just a quick post before we head out from Atlanta to Maryland. I'm helping Amy and Eric with new baby Abigail and with the move. It's really fun to hold Abby and that's what a Grandma loves to do!
Abby is doing great! I got to go with them to the pediatrician and he said that they are doing everything right. Abigail has gained weight beyond her birth weight and that's terrific. Amy is feeling fine considering what she's been through.

The movers came and moved the piles of boxes that were stacked all over the apartment.

And now today we start the 750 mile trek with a u-haul, newborn, convalescing mother, and two cars. My sister and my son arrived last night to help with the transfer. If all goes as planned Amy and Eric will have a new house on Monday!

Added on Saturday morning from South Carolina. Lost my internet connection before posting yesterday and so here we are in our hotel with free internet access and I can send this.

Abby was very good in the car yesterday. It took us a long time to get going and so didn't get quite as far as we had hoped but we're still on schedule.


Kelly said...

You look so happy, Ann! And Abigale is so beautiful!

Just hearing about the move makes me. What a trooper Amy is; I can't imagine moving right after having a baby, and by C-section to boot!

Hope all continues to go well!


andrea said...

What a beautiful girl! Sounds like you all have your work cut out for you. It's good of you to be helping out so much!

Miss T said...

That is a *lot* of newness and work all at once, and I bet they're really, really happy to have you there helping out.

MNLacer said...

I hope you adventure continues smoothly! You and Abigale look wonderful.


Jeanice said...

Abigale is just beautiful!!! Hope the remainder of your trip goes well.

stevensjm said...

Ann, I bet you are in seventh heaven when you are holding Abigale. She looks so cute and attentive as she is looking at you in the picture. Have you tried the new tulip sweater on her yet, or the new one you were working on here? It will be so snugly warm over her other clothes even though it may be too big yet.
Enjoy your work there (with her) while it lasts. I look forward to hearing all about her when you get back.