Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Internet At Last

You should see us now. All three of us on our laptops. As soon as the internet guy got the system up and running we were on!! Can you spell internet withdrawal?

So, since I last posted we’ve traveled 750 miles with a newborn and a mom recovering from a c-section (stopping to visit Eric’s very ill grandfather on the way). My sister Mary drove Eric's manual transmission car and my son John drove the U-Haul truck with all the Most Essential Stuff in it. We almost stayed at cockroach motel when we arrived but my sister discovered the roach before we moved in so Eric found a swank place for us to stay instead. While Eric was dealing with closing on the house, we supervised the movers bringing all of Amy and Eric’s worldly possessions into their new house.

Amy sat on a chair in the kitchen checking off boxes as the movers brought them in. Then we unpacked, and unpacked, and unpacked and still there are more boxes to unpack.

I’ve been making curtains for the windows. We bought 30 some yards of fabric and it wasn’t quite enough so I tried figuring to see if I could make it with what we found. By the way Delaware doesn’t have any sales tax and we got the fabric at JoAnn on sale for $1.50 per yard – yes you read that right! Woo Hoo! I came to the conclusion that it was either make the valances out of different material or make one of the three room’s curtains with different material. But first I thought it would be possible that another JoAnn might have some more so I asked my longsuffering husband if he would be willing to go to our store in Minnesota and see. I advised him to act like I do in a Home Depot (dumb blond act even if I do know what I want – it’s gotten me lots of extra help). He went last night despite bad roads and bitter cold and called me to say “I’ve got the goods”! What a guy. It wasn’t on sale and there was Minnesota sales tax but still $3.00 a yard is pretty good. Oh and he did have a helpful clerk find the fabric for him. He’ll be coming out here this weekend so he’ll bring the fabric with him. Amy might have to finish up the valances but I’ll get as much done as I can.

We visited Eric’s grandpa on Saturday, moved into the house on Monday and on Thursday Eric got the call that his grandpa had just died. Grandpa was so happy to see his new great granddaughter. He really enjoyed the visit and Eric got to see his Grandpa one last time. Eric went to the funeral and Amy and I stayed here.

While he was gone Abigail decided to become a more fussy baby. While I can’t imagine anyone having a family bed I can see how it might work if you have a baby that won’t calm down. For half of the night Abigail slept in Amy’s bed and for the other half she slept in mine. It’s very strange to sleep with a newborn baby. I didn’t sleep very well because either I worried that I would accidentally roll over on her or she was moving and making noises and waking me up. At one point her little fist punched me in the face! We figured out that if we hold Abby on our chest with her head under our chin that she would eventually go to sleep. So I started out with her asleep on my chest and then eased her onto my bed. Since then she’s slept in her own bed and has been less fussy, maybe she knew that her Daddy was gone. Amy has been changing her diaper before she feeds her and then she is in a drunken stupor when she is put down to sleep.

There has been a request to see Abigail in the Tulip sweater. Abigail is a very small baby! The sweater fits Pooh Bear much better.

Oh, and whenever we’re in the south with my son John he has to eat at Waffle House. They just don’t do hospitality in Minnesota like they do in the south. You walk into Waffle House and they greet you like they know you and you’re their long lost friend. It’s like a blast from the past to go to a Waffle House. A juke box playing and either the counter to eat at or a tiny booth. We had the All American breakfast and there wasn’t enough room on the table for the food for the three of us! Mmm, mmm good.


Miss T said...

Good to hear it's going well!

Compadre said...

Just remind me to *bring* the fabric! Or I really will be long-suffering.

And I get first dibs on holding the baby whenever she's not fussing.

MNLacer said...

Thank you for the update! I'm glad Lowell gets to spend some time with Abigail as well!


Kelly said...

It's so good to hear from you, Ann!

Jeanice said...

It's great to hear things are going well. So good that great-grandpa got to meet Abigail before he passed. Bear is a great sweater model. Best wishes to your daughter and her family in their new house.

stevensjm said...

So good to hear that you got your daughter, SIL and baby moved in and getting settled, and how wonderful that you got that picture of great-grandpa holding Abigail. That will be a treasured picture forever. Looking forward to hearing more when you return.........Mary