Saturday, January 26, 2008

Knit night in Delaware

Tuesday night Eric drove Amy and Abigail and me to Newark, Delaware so that we could attend the knitting gathering of Newark Knitters. It met that night at Panera so we ate supper first and looked for likely knitting suspects while we ate. Amy thought that they would all be middle aged or older and I thought that since we were in a college town (University of Delaware) that they'd all be young. Ha! I was right - well almost right. I'm guessing that I was the oldest one there. We had a marvelous time and met some very nice people.
I got some of the names of the people there (I asked Erin who sat on my left) So, started on the left and going clockwise, Erin, Jen, Bree, Patience at the end, I didn't get name of the last women on the right, another Jen in the pink and Amy wearing Abigail in her sling. Erin and Patience were making string bags for a promotion at their local yarn shop, Stitches with Style. On every 5th Saturday if you bring in a knitted bag made with yarn purchased there and using one of two patterns, you can get 15% off of every thing you can stuff in the bag. Good Idea! Jen on the left was working on a crochet baby blanket and Jen on the right was starting a flower shaped baby blanket by Dawn Brocco. Amy was working on the Ultimate Gift Sweater for Eric. She's just started, it's black and has lots of cables, and she successfully worked on it in a group setting while wearing Abigail in her sling. Sheesh, that's more than I would attempt but Amy is trying to be faithful to one project so that she actually gets it done. The others couldn't believe that she wouldn't have multiple projects going. (Actually when we unpacked some more boxes we found some ancient projects from 15 years ago that she still has unfinished). I was wisely working on a simple sock in 2x2 rib. Boring but good to do in company.

The next day Amy and I visited Stitches with Style. A large well stocked no frills knitting store. It had lots of seating area and friendly staff. We don't understand why it's not open any evenings though. If Amy was working outside of the home she wouldn't be able to go there any time except Saturday's. Makes me appreciate Double Ewe all the more. I'm really looking forward to going back to my knitting group in Minnesota next Tuesday.


Miss T said...

Have a good trip home!

stevensjm said...

Hi Ann,
I just finished my second baby sweater using striped sock yarn. I believe you are doing one. I did this one on size 1 needles. It is very tiny, like to fit a cabbage patch doll. Everyone (except Kelly) says it's too small for a baby but it is probably just the size that your little Abigail would wear now. I am saving it for possibly a great-grandchild in the future. (Are you listening, Ben?) See you soon........Mary

anncrafts said...

We got a chuckle out of your comment, Mary. I didn't get much knitting done while I was in Maryland but I did knit on it a little. I need to finish it so that Abigail can wear it. Do you think Ben will read your comment?