Monday, January 28, 2008

Home again, home again

It was quite interesting to live for a couple, almost three weeks, with a cleanie. I came home to my er, cluttered home, and I like it, thank you very much! I’ve always known what it takes to be a cleanie as opposed to a messy. And I do try. I just can’t bear to part with stuff that might come in useful some day. And when you do multiple crafts you have lots of junk equipment associated with each of them.

But one of my desires now that I’m retired is to try to get a handle on the stuff in my life. I’ll try not to get too carried away though. I observed that Eric takes care of little things right away. Spill on the counter – wipe it up now. And he’s always moving. He also throws away stuff that I wouldn't dream of throwing away. I’ve been doing some of that. It’s just that I need to do more in order to catch up on years of living free and easy. Some people have asked me how I get so much done (in the crafting area) and I always tell them that I don’t do housework. I’ll add that I rarely watch television either.

I’ve found myself listening for Abigail’s cry since I’ve been home. I miss her (and Amy and Eric of course). While the Compadre was there he spent as much time as possible holding Abby. In the middle of the night when she was fussing he carried her downstairs to the glider rocker that we just bought them, and sat for hours both nights, with her sleeping and him dozing. He had a tough Monday morning this morning as he was still very tired but he said it was worth every minute of it.

Now my list says that I need to unpack, do laundry, go through the mail that accumulated while I was gone, put away the Christmas stuff that the Compadre didn’t get to, and oh, knit on the Sideways Sockyarn Sweater. I didn’t get much knitting done on it while I was gone – there were important things to do like hold a baby. But the two sweaters that I knit for Abigail are too big and I think that this one will be more her size so I need to get it done quick before she grows. I’m looking forward to seeing Mary’s at Double Ewe.


Miss T said...

Glad you're back! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Jeanice said...

I also am glad that you are back-just in time for the artic cold that is coming in soon. Will you be at Double Ewe on Friday afternoon. I must confess that I haven't been doing any tatting. Mostly knitting and sewing. See you soon!

anncrafts said...

Yes, I'll be at Double Ewe on Friday. Looking forward to seeing everybody. I tatted a cross while I was gone - I'll put a picture of it on the blog.

stevensjm said...

Welcome home! Grandpa and Abigail look so comfy together in that chair. I bet you'll be making another trip out to see her before too long. See you on Friday....Mary

Eric said...

We really enjoyed having you here, and in Atlanta, and during the drive between the two! We will report back on night #2 of Newark Knitters after tomorrow.